On this page you can find recordings of selected ABS conference plenary presentations exploring some of the pressing issues of our times and offering in-depth analysis of Baháʼí teachings and history.

Social Justice

Nature and Dynamics of Oppression, Empowerment, and Battle against Oppression

Nader Saiedi2015

Re-Telling Reconciliation

Roshan Danesh2014

Knowledge into Action: The Bahá’í Imperative to Serve Humanity

Layli Miller-Muro2013

Striving for Human Rights in an Age of Religious Extremism – The 33rd Hasan Balyuzi Lecture

Nazila Ghanea2015

Race and Racism

New Black Power: Constructive Resilience and the Efforts of African American Bahá’ís

Derik Smith2020

Navigating Discourse on Race within the Politicized Landscape of Journalism

Jesse Washington2018

The Residue of Memory & the Clarion Call of Truth: Healing through Reclamation and Remembrance

Masud Olufani2018

Panel – Reflections on Race: Exploring the Relationship between Justice and Oneness

Mariam Ashtiani, Zhaleh Boyd, Nanabah Bulman, and Robin Chandler2017

The Beautiful Struggle: Understanding Racism and Transforming Words into Deeds

Ruha Benjamin2017

Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics

Panel: Exploring the Social Sciences

Geoffrey Cameron, Deborah van den Hoonaard, June Thomas2014

Panel: Exploring the Humanities

Elham Afnan, Susan Maneck, Gerald Filson2014

Panel: The Role of Religion in Society

Julia Berger, Emily Goshey, Benjamin Schewel, and Matthew Weinberg2015

Education and the Generation of Knowledge

The Intellectual Life of the Bahá’í Community

Farzam Arbab2016

Bahá’í Participation in the Public Sphere: Considerations Related to History, Concepts, and Approaches

Shahriar Razavi2015

Reading, Analyzing and Transforming Reality through Participatory Research

Shabnam Koirala-Azad2013

Some Thoughts about Scholarship and Learning in a Far-from-Equilibrium State

Stephen Birkland2003

Science & Religion

Neuroscience, Ethics, and Religion: Moving Beyond Coexistence

Gillian Hue, Karen Rommelfanger, Paul Root Wolpe, Tara Raam2018

Science and the Bahá’í Faith

William S. Hatcher1976

Panel: Technologies and Values

Mark Towfiq, Mitra Naeimi Solomon, and Matthew Weinberg2016

Panel: Exploring the Natural and Life Sciences

Elizabeth Bowen, Kamran Sedig, Arthur Dahl2014


Transforming Environments from the Inside Out

Arthur Lyon Dahl2009

The Essential Role of Religion in Fostering a Sustainable World

Peter Adriance2009

Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy

Peter Brown2009

Collective Consciousness, Human Maturity, and the Challenge of Sustainability

Arthur Lyon Dahl2009

Study of Bahá’í History and Sacred Texts

Epiphany of the Prophets

John S. Hatcher2015

“The Word that Shineth and Flasheth Amidst the Books of Men”: Text, Translation, and the Nature of Reality

Steven Phelps2016

The Ocean of Revelation: Dynamic Source of All Learning

Hooper Dunbar2014

Shoghi Effendi: The Ultimate Example and Guide for Principled Leadership and Management

Shaheen Tedjarati