Reading Groups

The House of Justice has set a focus for the Association on creating opportunities for the friends to build their capacity to contribute to discourses in professional and academic fields from a Baháʼí perspective. The need for this seems clearer every day.

As one avenue for exploring this, small groups of people can read key texts addressing a discourse within a given professional or academic field, and consult about them in light of the teachings. The activity of these groups may lead to more in-depth efforts to engage with discourses.

This summer a number of reading groups met to explore topics in their field and this way of working together. Topics included assumptions of the knowledge economy as related to intellectual property laws and policies; the commodification of knowledge in the relationship between libraries and publishers; jurisprudence; the concept of race as seen through the lens of African world views; challenges that global interdependencies present to social justice; questions in the history and philosophy of science; ideas about world order in the mid-20th century; the concept of constructive agency. The groups are also helping advance the Association’s understanding about approaches to collaborative study, writing and other efforts.