Apostle of Reconciliation: The New Perspectives on Paul and Implications for Baha'i, Muslim, and Christian Theologies of the "Other"

Caleb Gilleland, a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, explores the Apostle Paul's role in dialogue between the Bahá’í Faith, Christianity, and Islam. While Paul’s writings have often been used to build exclusivist theologies that condemn non-Christian religions, his writings are pivotal in Christian theology and thus cannot be ignored. Caleb's research investigates the New Perspective on Paul, which reinterprets traditional views on law and salvation in a rigorous but ultimately inclusive direction. He shows how this approach can remove theological barriers that separate believers of the three Abrahamic religions, potentially building bridges for increased interfaith understanding.

  • Caleb Gilleland

    Caleb Gilleland is from north Georgia, USA. He is currently a PhD candidate in Christian-Muslim Relations at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh. His research interests include modern views of the apostle Paul — especially in interfaith context, Baha'i studies, evangelical Christian missional method, and Quranist interpretations of Islam. He is particularly interested in the theological works of NT Wright, Andrew Perriman, Udo Schaefer, and Shabbir Akhtar.


48th Annual Conference

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