Exploring the Humanities

ABS 2014

Elham Afnan: "Reading Utopias: From Dichotomy to Complementarity"

Susan Maneck: "Global History and the Oneness of Humanity"

Gerald Filson: "Reading Philosophy in a New Culture of Learning"

  • Elham Afnan

    Elham Afnan completed her doctoral studies in English Literature at McMaster University. She has written a number of articles on literary utopias as well as on a variety of Bahá’í topics. She currently serves as translation facilitator in the Research Department at the Bahá’í World Centre.

  • Susan Maneck

    Susan Maneck, Associate Professor, History, Jackson State University, teaches Middle East and South Asian History, World Civilization, and Comparative Religion. She has researched Bahá’í and Zoroastrian history extensively, published numerous articles in Bahá’í journals and academic presses, and a book on the history of the Parsis, The Death of Ahriman.

  • Gerald Filson

    Gerald Filson, Ph.D., is Director of Public Affairs, Bahá'í Community of Canada. Dr. Filson has served as Chair of the Canadian Network on International Human Rights, Co-Chair of the Mosaic Management Group of VisionTV, and Board Member of the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs.