Exploring the Natural and Life Sciences

ABS 2014

Elizabeth Bowen: "“Let Your Vision be World‐Embracing” – Why Health Sciences and Bioethics?"

Kamran Sedig: "The Human Mind and Its Interaction with the World"

Arthur Dahl: "Natural Sciences and Society"

  • Elizabeth Bowen

    Elizabeth Bowen (MD, PA; Ed.D) is a public health physician and writer. In Jungian depth psychology, she aims to increase happiness and strengthen constructive resilience. As a representative to the United Nations for the International Society of Doctors for the Environment, her concern is global public health policy.

  • Kamran Sedig

    Kamran Sedig is an Associate Professor at Western. He received his M.Sc. from McGill (specializing in artificial intelligence) and his Ph.D. from UBC (specializing in applied cognitive sciences). His research is interdisciplinary, in the areas of cognitive science, computing, information science, media studies, educational technologies, systems theory, game studies, and health informatics.

  • Arthur Dahl

    Dr. Arthur Lyon Dahl, President of the International Environment Forum, is a retired Deputy Assistant Executive Director of UNEP, with 45 years’ experience in sustainability, international environmental governance, development, indicators, and systems science. He lectures widely and consults with the World Bank, World Economic Forum, and UNEP, among others.