Kevin Locke and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Tablet to Amír Khán

The late Kevin Locke (Lakota: Tokéya Inážiŋ, “First to Arise”) believed ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s “Tablet to Amír Khán” establishes the principle of Indigenous Messengers of God to the Americas: “Undoubtedly in those regions the Call of God must have been raised in ancient times, but it hath been forgotten now” ( This expanded understanding of the Bahá’í doctrine of Progressive Revelation has profound implications for interactions with Indigenous people.

  • Christopher Buck

    Author of Bahá’í Faith: The Basics (2021), Christopher Buck PhD collaborated with Kevin Locke on “Indigenous Messengers of God” series; “The Great Spirit Speaks: Voices of the Wise Ones” (28 Nov 2021); “Encouraging Grassroots Indigenous Land & Spiritual Acknowledgements” (17 Oct 2021); “A Bahá’í Perspective on Indigenous Messengers of God, Part II” (16 Apr 2020); “Part I” (2 Apr 2020); Wilmette Institute: “The Great Spirit Speaks: Voices of the Wise Ones” (17 Feb 2022; 3 Jun 2021; 11 Feb 2021).


48th Annual Conference

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