Settle All Things: Tracing the Linkages between Prior Community Consultation and Infrastructure Dispute Mitigation

Learning how to prevent conflict through effective consultation mechanisms in infrastructure projects is a new area of learning. Mirroring the admonition to “settle all things, both great and small, by consultation" (‘Abdul-Bahá), a positive consultative “engagement effect” can be discerned such that with expanded access to prior consultation and community grievance mechanisms, fewer claims are lodged. Overall, findings support the development of increasingly robust community consultation channels within development banks which, far from aggregating complaints, conversely appear to serve as a conduit incorporating community concerns into project design such that disputes are avoided.

  • Shahla Maghzi Ali

    Shahla Ali is Professor of Law and Associate Dean (International) at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law and Director of the LLM Program in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. Her work centers on questions of governance, sustainable development and cross-border dispute resolution in the Asia Pacific region. She serves as a bilingual arbitrator (English/Chinese) with HKIAC, THAC, CIETAC, KCAB and SIAC.


48th Annual Conference

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