Learning to Read Social Reality in the Light of the Revelation

ABS 2014

Learning to read social reality in the light of the revelation and to contribute effectively to the many efforts directed towards the advancement of civilization is a long process and involves the participation of different people from diverse backgrounds. Some of the thinking behind the programs of the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity, whose mandate is to learn systematically about enhancing the capacity of individuals and groups to participate in some of the prevalent discourses of society, is presented in this talk.

  • Haleh Arbab

    Haleh Arbab, Ed.D. (Education and Development, University of Massachusetts), worked (1982‐2005) with FUNDAEC in Colombia, developing educational content and programs to promote community wellbeing, and serving (1995‐2005) as Rector of Centro Universitario de Bienestar Rural. Since 2005 she is Director of the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity in Haifa, Israel.