The Louis Gregory Across America Project: A Grassroots Baha’i Study on Race Relations Development in the United States

Embark on a collaborative expedition through the vibrant tapestry of American communities as we chart the transformative path of Louis Gregory. This workshop is not just a historical recount; it’s an active engagement in the narrative of race relations. We will delve into Gregory’s enduring legacy, examining how his teachings resonate in our cities today. Together, we will forge connections between past and present, empowering each other to contribute to a society that embodies the oneness of humanity. This session unfolds in three dynamic segments:

  1. An introduction to the Louis Gregory Across America Project, inviting you to join a nationwide dialogue on race relations and the Bahá’í Faith.
  2. A live collaborative research segment, where you and your peers will investigate and share Gregory’s impact on your local community.
  3. A reflective discussion on how we can continue to honor Gregory’s legacy through active discourse and alignment with the Nine Year Plan’s vision.

  • Lex Musta

    Lex Musta is an independent researcher whose work centers on the role of social meanings in shaping race relations. He completed his MBA studies at Schiller International University in Paris. Currently, he is appointed by the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Charleston to a committee charged with renovating the Louis Gregory Bahá’í Museum.


48th Annual Conference

The views expressed in this recording are those of the presenter and do not necessarily represent the views of the Association for Bahá’í Studies, nor the authoritative explications of Bahá’í writings.