Navigating Discourse on Race within the Politicized Landscape of Journalism

ABS 2018

In the media, which encompasses written and televised journalism as well as social networks, the dominant framework of the discourse on race is political. Race and politics have become inseparable, especially with the election of the last two American presidents. The culture of journalistic debate, meanwhile, thrives on conflict. This session will explore opportunities for transcending the divisive structure of current racial discourse to produce journalism that addresses racial issues from a Bahá’í perspective.

  • Race
  • Journalism
August 2018

  • Jesse Washington

    Jesse Washington has written about race throughout his 31-year journalism career. He currently writes for ESPN’s The Undefeated, which explores intersections of race, sports and culture. From 2008-15 he was the National Writer/Race and Ethnicity for The Associated Press. Jesse was born into a Bahá’í family in New York City.