A Framework for Unity: The Shared Humanity between African Americans and Indigenous Peoples

The African American and Indigenous communities of the United States are forged by historical sufferings that go back to the founding of this country. However, these communities have also offered a framework for racial unity that for far too long has been ignored, forgotten, or erased to our own detriment. Greater examination of the historical collaboration and innate spiritual power that exists within the Indigenous and African American community is vital if America is to achieve its true destiny as promised by 'Abdu'l-Bahá. When we fully acknowledge the powerful spiritual forces that exist in both the African American and Indigenous communities, our nation will be better for it.

  • Michael Orona

    Michael Orona has served in the US Department of State for over 20 years where he has held an array of senior-level foreign policy advisory positions, including serving at the White House as National Security Council Director for African Affairs and overseeing the President’s Executive Orders on racial equity. He currently serves as the State Department's Senior Advisor for International Indigenous Issues and co-leads the White House Subcommittee on International Indigenous Rights.


48th Annual Conference

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