Discourse in Action: The First Fruits of the Wilmette Institute Social Transformation Certificate

The first three completers of the Wilmette Institute’s pilot Social Transformation Certificate will bring participants into the life of the courses by sharing their insights and applications of the course material to their professional work in the fields of education, community psychology and public health; applying themes and learnings inspired by the four certificate courses focused on social action, sustainability, centering Blackness and education as applied by the presenters. Participants will hone their efforts as protagonists by practicing consultation and exploration potential action plans for their own communities.

  • Geri Peak

    Dr. Geri Peak is a public health Social Demographer who works as an independent evaluator, applied researcher, trainer, facilitator and coach. She is a Virtues Project Master Facilitator and received a certificate from the Wilmette Institute’s Social Transformation Certificate Program. She marks her 50th year as a Bahá'í this August and seeks to actualize spiritual principles in her work, illuminating Bahá'u'lláh’s prescription for transforming social reality.

  • Susan Wolfe

    Dr. Susan Wolfe is a Community Psychologist and has been a Bahá’í for about 3 years. In January 2024 she was among the first group of recipients of a certificate from the Wilmette Institute’s Social Transformation Certificate Program. She is a Community Consultant and provides services that include evaluation, strategic planning, training, and coalition development to organizations and coalitions working towards systems level change to reduce health and educational inequities.

  • Emily Chou

    For a decade, Emily Chou has taught children and adults from all walks of life including refugees, immigrants, Sunday school and public school students. With a Master's in Education, she has taught at a public elementary school for the past 3 years. As a homefront pioneer near LA, she engages immigrant populations, focusing on spiritual and material education. Her professional aims include advancing literacy, especially among English learners, and providing equitable education for her community.


48th Annual Conference

The views expressed in this recording are those of the presenters and do not necessarily represent the views of the Association for Bahá’í Studies, nor the authoritative explications of Bahá’í writings.