48th Annual Conference

Atlanta, Georgia • -

The Relationship of Art to Culture at this Critical Juncture in Human History

Anne Gordon Perry, Michèle Jubilee, Christina Wright, Taraz Samandari

Human Rights: A Bahá’í Spiritual Vision

Terry Edwards

Listening to Artists: A Stimulus to Transformation

Kim MacQueen, Lisa Puzon, Shaughnessy Johnson

The Theme of “Art in Exile” as Represented in the "Mishkin-Qalam" Documentary

Amir V. Meshkin

Systems Science as a Tool for Accelerated Collective Learning

Kurt Kreuger

Baha'i Perspectives on Philanthropy: An Exploration of the Role of Charity in Advancing Social Action and Societal Discourse

Layli Miller-Muro, Roy Steiner, Eric Dozier, Husayn Allmart

Bahá’í Approaches to Depolarization

Duane Varan

“By the Aid of the Vision and Insights Obtained”: Bahá’í and Academic Frameworks for Historical Interpretation

Johanna Jochumsdottir-Taherzadeh

Kevin Locke and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Tablet to Amír Khán

Christopher Buck

Discourse in Action: The First Fruits of the Wilmette Institute Social Transformation Certificate

Geri Peak, Susan Wolfe, Emily Chou

The Louis Gregory Across America Project: A Grassroots Baha’i Study on Race Relations Development in the United States

Lex Musta

The Earth is one Home: Small Island States’ Contributions to the International Climate Justice Discourse

Payam Akhavan, Atieno Mboya, Naima Fifita, Willy Missack

Collaboration and Professional Discourse as a School Teacher

Niaz Khadem

Baha’i Engagement in Food Sovereignty Action and Discourse: 1844 to 2024

Paul John Hanley, Karen Mapusua, Dawn Egerton

A Framework for Unity: The Shared Humanity between African Americans and Indigenous Peoples

Michael Orona

Settle All Things: Tracing the Linkages between Prior Community Consultation and Infrastructure Dispute Mitigation

Shahla Maghzi Ali

Apostle of Reconciliation: The New Perspectives on Paul and Implications for Baha'i, Muslim, and Christian Theologies of the "Other"

Caleb Gilleland

Constructive Resilience in Forced Migration: A Comparative Analysis of Policies and Narratives of Afghan Women and Girls Migrating to Australia and Canada

Kimiya Missaghi

Cultivating Creative Space to Release the Society-Building Powers of the Faith

Kim Douglas, Masud Olufani, Hyacinth Wallance, Sharon Davis

The Báb and ʿAlí Muḥammad, Islamic and Post-Islamic: Multiple Meanings in the Writings of Sayyid ʿAlí Muḥammad Shírází

Zackery Heern

Releasing the Power of Society Building: Nutrition and Health Equity

Farshad Fani Marvasti

Academic Foundations and Bahá'í Insights in Dispute Resolution: Harmonizing Principles

Parham Holakouee

Soulful Code: Bahá’í Principles of Justice Applied to Software and AI

Tom Grushka

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: In Search of Coherence

Farzin Aghdasi, Douglas Allen, Dennis Wittmer

Unity and Collaboration During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Payam Dehghani, Bayan Dehghani

Exploring the Relationship between Religion and Public Health

Anish Arora, Yovania Dechtiar, Jon Ehsani, Andrew R. Hatala

How the Mind of God Has Structured Reality

John S. Hatcher

Initiating and Promoting Professional Discourse on Science and Religion

Douglas Perry, Whitney White Kazemipour, Stephen Friberg, Robert Sarracino

25 Years of Listening: The Story of Parent University

Michael O'Neal

Evolving the Approach to Philanthropy: Shifting Values to Catalyze Systems Change Together

Mahnaz Javid

An Artist’s View through the Lens of Race and Gender

Paula Henderson

Modernism - Traditionalism: Exploring Discourses on Beauty in Architecture and Urbanism

Nadim van de Fliert, Jason Burtwistle, Jeremy Ziegler

New Research on Bahá'í History and Theology

Nancy Harper, Duane Herrmann,

Reflections on Health Equity in Light of Bahá'u'lláh's Revelation

Guitelle Sabeti