On this page, you can find materials that assist with scholarship concerning the application of Baháʼí teachings to contemporary issues, as well as the study of the history of the Baháʼí Faith and the Baháʼí community. Resources include guidance from the Universal House of Justice information about the Baháʼí Faith, as well as links to Baháʼí journals and academic and educational institutions.

Contributing to Academic and Professional Discourses

Bahá’í Participation in the Public Sphere: Considerations Related to History, Concepts, and Approaches

Shahriar Razavi

Learning to Read Social Reality in the Light of the Revelation

Haleh Arbab

The Intellectual Life of the Bahá’í Community

Farzam Arbab

Workshop on Contributing to Academic and Professional Discourses

Guidance on Bahá’í Scholarship

Scholarship compilation

Issues Related to Study of the Faith

Follow up letter to Issues letter

2013 Letter from the Universal House of Justice regarding ABS-NA

Information about the Bahá’í Faith

Baháʼí World Website

The Universal House of Justice

Bahá’ís of the United States

Bahá’ís of Canada

Other National Communities

Research Tools

Bahá’í Reference Library

BIC Statement Library

Bahá’í Encyclopedia Project

Ocean 2.0 Interfaith Reader


Selected Talks on Bahá’í Scholarship

Address by Mr. Paul Lample at the 32nd ABS Annual Conference

Some Aspects of Bahá’í Scholarship by Peter Khan

The Generation of Knowledge by Haleh Arbab

Questions and Bahá’í Studies


Journal of Bahá’í Studies (ABS NA)

Religion and Public Discourse in an Age of Transition: Reflections on Baháʼí Practice and Thought
eds. Geoffrey Cameron and Ben Schewel

Bahá’í Studies Review (ABS UK)


Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity

Bahá’í Institute for Higher Education

Wilmette Institute