Engaging stakeholders in research endeavours: process and impact

Stakeholder engagement in research enables consultation between researchers and stakeholders. This increases the relevancy of research endeavours to the needs and concerns of stakeholders, increases transmission of knowledge to relevant populations, and accelerates uptake of results. Though we recognize the importance of stakeholder engagement, implementing such practices can be confusing and difficult, especially in research studies that are highly technical. In this presentation, I will share my experience of engaging migrant people living with HIV in the conduct of a systematic review.

  • Anish Kumar Arora

    Anish Arora is a PhD student in family medicine and primary care at McGill University. He holds an MSc specializing in medical education from McGill, and an Honours BSc in biology with a minor in psychology from McMaster University. His doctoral work focuses on adapting and piloting integrated technology in multidisciplinary primary care settings to better serve vulnerable and marginalized populations. Alongside quantitative and qualitative methods, Anish adopts a participatory research approach to meaningfully engage patients and other stakeholders in his research endeavours.


45th Annual Conference

In the Footsteps of ʻAbdu’l-Bahá: Contributing to the Discourses of Our Time


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