The Intellectual Life of a Community

Often intellect is described from the perspective of individuals who appear to be gaining the capacity to resolve complex problems all by themselves. Yet the House of Justice describes a scenario in which there is a collective responsibility for expressing and applying Bahá'í principles to the challenges and aspirations of a people: "The more the intellectual life of a community blossoms and thrives, the greater the capacity to answer this call." How are Bahá'ís and our collaborators learning to release communities' capacity to acquire and apply knowledge through contributions to discourse, social action, and expansion and consolidation? And what does this have to do with the promotion of the political unity of the nations, or the Lesser Peace?

  • Nwandi Lawson

    A West Coast native, Nwandi Lawson received an MBA from Emory University and an undergraduate degree in journalism from Howard University. She is an entrepreneur in Atlanta with experience hosting, writing and producing for CNN, TBS, and Georgia Public Broadcasting. Nwandi has been a Bahá'i since 2001 and she currently serves the Continental Board of Counsellors for the Americas, an institution focused on promoting education and channelling individual and collective endeavor into community advancement.


47th Annual Conference


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