Filmmaking: A potential learning process

The drama is of the utmost importance, it has been a great educational power in the past; it will be so again.” —‘Abdu’l-Bahá

As Bahá’ís the world over explore how to apply the framework for action experienced in the Bahá’í Community to their fields of endeavor, perhaps it is timely for filmmakers to engage systematically to do the same. What might it look like to explore the implications that the Bahá’í Teachings hold for the field of film—both in terms of the processes that go into a film’s creation and exploitation, and in its usefulness as a contributor to the building of civilization? 

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  • Bre Vader

    Bre Vader has a background in visual arts and an eye for beauty and story. She has had the honor of writing, producing, and co-directing documentary, scripted, and children’s series in diverse locations around the world. LEAVEN MEDIA is an independent production company based in historic Concord, Massachusetts. Leaven develops media that inspires discourse to arise. Leaven is currently in development on several scripted and documentary projects. Bre is particularly interested in projects that amplify the voices of marginalized and underrepresented populations. In addition, she is passionate about work that impacts at-risk and orphaned children.


46th Annual Conference


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