46th Annual Conference

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The Nine Year Plan and the intellectual life of the Bahá’í community: Opening plenary

Firaydoun Javaheri

Law's nature: Finding unity through creation

John Borrows

The Body of God: Major themes in Bahá’u’lláh's Surih of the Temple

John S. Hatcher

Bahá’í perspectives on reparations: Reflections from the ABS Africana Studies Working Group

Derik Smith, June Manning Thomas, Guy Emerson Mount

Exploring the intersections of science and religion in public health

Andrew R. Hatala, Jon Ehsani, Yovania Dechtiar, Anish Arora

Levels of engagement in recent climate activism and climate crisis narratives

Justice Hagan

Whiteness and patriarchy: Weeding out barriers to oneness and cultivating obedience to the Covenant

Chuck Egerton

The protagonists shaping our cities: Gaining capacity to read the discourses on housing and urbanism

Nadim van de Fliert, Leah Karlberg, Mehrsa Imani

Predictors of religious literacy

Negin Toosi

Our first and sacred obligation: The principle of noninvolvement in politics and obedience to government

Rolando Aguilera

Racism and racial justice: Mid-century South Carolina

June Manning Thomas

Pour un système agroalimentaire durable et résilient

Tamari Langlais

Institutions and the problem of trust: A Bahá'í perspective on the premises of Multiparty Adversarial Democracy

Michael Sabet

A different discourse: The PODacity of hope

Allen Goldblatt, Leslie Asplund, Tommy Kavelin, Nancy Griffith

Examining the psychology of social change through a Bahá’í lens

Aayah Amir, Michael Karlberg, Livia Dittmer, Meghan McCullough, Negin Toosi, Shayda Azamian

Global governance and role of religion: In dialogue

Azza Karam, Daniel Perell

Filmmaking: A potential learning process

Mary Darling, Bre Vader

Bahá'u'lláh and the God of Avicenna

Joshua Hall

Building communities from the rubble of a war-ravaged world: Process, principles, and institutions

James Craig