A different discourse: The PODacity of hope

What if we saw such crises as systemic racism, climate justice, and even the pandemic as powerful opportunities for change? Answering that question reunited four of the original producers of the “Spiritual Revolution” video series from forty years ago. The result is “The PODacity of Hope” – Bahá'í-inspired podcasts combining the wisdom of acknowledged experts with stories from communities applying these understandings at the grassroots. At that intersection, a new vision is revealed and hope is manifested. “A different Cause … hath appeared in this day and a different discourse is required.”

  • Media

  • Allen Goldblatt

    Allen Goldblatt has written and produced hundreds of hours of national network radio programming, ranging from popular music to the Olympics. He has interviewed dozens of celebrities, such as Mick Jagger, Marvin Gaye, and Carly Simon. He was the press officer for the band Chicago and the first publicist for Seals & Crofts. Later, he helped create an interactive kids radio network. Allen was creative director for editorial and community for the Schwab Foundation, helping kids with LD and/or ADHD. He has served on spiritual assemblies in Seattle, San Francisco, and his current home, Ashland, OR.

  • Leslie Asplund

    After a decade as an Assistant Director in film and television, Dr. Asplund earned her doctorate in Social Work at the University of Washington. A long-time Bahá'í, her commitment to social justice led her to work with victims of domestic violence. Later she joined the Authenticity Project, a team led by Dr. William Hatcher and charged with integrating concepts from the Baha’i teachings with scientifically tested treatment models such as CBT. Through this program, hundreds learned to apply spiritually based interpersonal skills and concepts to the real-life challenge of human transformation.

  • Tommy Kavelin

    Fluent in Spanish and Persian from residing in Iran and Latin America, Tommy Kavelin is a professional actor, singer-songwriter, and author. He co-hosted the Bahá'í TV talk shows "The Spiritual Revolution" in the US and "Crece con Nosotros" in Latin America. In San Juan, he hosted a Bahá'í radio talk show and has performed internationally as a featured vocalist with the renowned Bahá'í choirs Voices of Bahá and the Bahá'í House of Worship Festival Choir. Tommy has lectured internationally on a variety of Bahá'í-related topics and has a Master’s in Near Eastern Languages from UCLA.

  • Nancy Griffith

    Nancy Griffith began her communications career in the entertainment business as communication manager/writer/producer for record companies and artist management businesses, including Seals & Crofts, before moving into corporate communications at GE Financial, LTC Inc., and Group Health Cooperative (now Kaiser). She also participated on the Spiritual Revolution TV series and served as public information officer for Bahá'í communities in California, Washington state, and New Mexico. She earned a Master of Science in Information Management from the University of Washington.


46th Annual Conference


The views expressed in this recording are those of the presenters and do not necessarily represent the views of the Association for Bahá’í Studies, nor the authoritative explications of Bahá’í writings.