44th Annual Conference
Beyond Critique to Constructive Engagement

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Making a New Reality

Kamal Sinclair

The social and spiritual implications of the pandemic

Hoda Mahmoudi, Mojgan Sami, Thomas Ponniah

Breaking free of an epistemology of white ignorance

Elizabeth Allen Green

Media as a Consultative Instrument

Nwandi Lawson, Nathan Davis, Nava Kavelin

Global health threats in the 21st century: A root cause analysis

Sepideh Taheri

Defining health beyond clinical care: A case study of community building activities to address the social determinants of health

Shahrzad Saririan, Farshad Fani Marvasti

“Knowledge is a veritable treasure”: The present and future of Bahá’í contributions to libraries, archives, and museums

Lev Rickards, Lorraine Sheldon, Ed Sevcik, PJ Andrews, May Lample

New Black Power: Constructive Resilience and the Efforts of African American Bahá’ís

Derik Smith

Exploring new models of corporate responsibility, accountability, and collaboration to address current global crises

Emily Chew, Nabil Elias, Jean Parker

University education, emerging sciences, and public discourse around artificial intelligence

Farzin Aghdasi

Authentic dialogue, moral empowerment, and civilization-building

Glen Cotten

“The utmost loving-kindness”: Discerning a framework for the treatment of animals in the Bahá’í Writings

Michael Sabet

Arts & Community

Jacqueline Claire, Isobel LeBlanc, Anne Gordon Perry

Justice: A path to unity

Layli Miller-Muro

What Is Knowledge?: Thoughts from a Baha’i Working Group in Africana Studies

Anthony Outler, Angelita Reyes, , Layli Maparyan

Developing an approach to discourse: The experience of the Office of Public Affairs

Tschika McBean, May Lample, James Samimi-Farr

Constructing social reality: An inquiry into the normative foundations of social change

Michael Karlberg